Are you "Future Tense"? We will help you kick start things in the right direction

Many young adults are unsure about their career direction.

An Eye Opener Assessment can help you to learn more about yourself and your personal strengths and 'stretches'. It will help you to explore what you may value in a career and ultimately your preferences for particular courses of study or employment options.

Year 10, 11 or 12?

An Eye Opener assessment assists students with personal goal setting and motivation and can include advice on subject selection and career pathways.

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Already left school?

Tried a few options but still not sure which career direction is for you? Our assessment and career counselling services will put you on the right track.

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School Based Assessments

Complement the work of your Careers Advisor and support your Year 12s, by providing cost effective access to Eye Opener assessments.

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Tracy Hart, BA Psychology (Hons) Dip Ed

About Eye Opener’s Tracy Hart.

Tracy has been teaching and counselling in schools for 20 years. As a Year Coordinator, Career Education Coordinator and Careers Counsellor she developed a passion for supporting young adults to focus on the career they wish to prepare for.

Tracy is a Registered Psychologist and is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

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"Tracy’s natural rapport with young people sets her apart. Her motivational, solution focused counselling skills enable her to open clients’ eyes to themselves (who they are, what they want and need) and to possibilities. She has a wealth of experience in careers counselling and up-to-date knowledge of training, study and work opportunities in WA and further afield. Tracy is down-to-earth, open, relaxed and friendly with a sparkling sense of humour - the sort of person with the best chance of engaging and inspiring young men and women looking for direction."
Shauna Lipscombe, School Psychologist